winter truffles

Information on gourmet winter truffles, black gold from Europe, winter truffles can be brought fresh online now making them accessible to everyone as they can be air freighted worldwide in 24 hours, to add to this truffles grown in new countries such as Australia are also available on the internet. Some of these offer amazing investment opportunities.

Throughout its culinary history, truffles have never failed to capture the hearts and stomachs of connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike. Considered as rare and prized gems, particularly in Western cuisine, truffles are types of edible mushrooms valued for their distinct and earthy scent and taste. Aside from their exotic palate appeal, the truffles are also famed for their supposed aphrodisiac and therapeutic effects to the mind and body.

Truffles are mushrooms found clamped together a few feet beneath the surface, usually beneath oak, lime, and willow trees, and hazelnut undergrowth in the French and Italian regions. The mushrooms are shaped like small rocks and usually appear in light black, brown, or yellowish color. It is extremely difficult to find them since truffles stay underground even if they are fully grown. Because of this, farmers are unable to mass produce truffles which partly results in the expensive cost and high demand of truffles in the market. 

In locating truffle undergrowth, hunters make use of pigs and specialized dogs which track down the mushrooms by their keen senses of smell. Although pigs are more efficient truffle trackers, most hunters prefer to use dogs since pigs tend to devour the truffles once they find them. Truffles can also be tracked by electronic gadgets but these are not as reliable and effective as the animal trackers.

Truffle Oil

In recent time it seems that every budding chef has discovered truffle oil, good truffle oils will carry much of the flavor of fresh truffles, however some are chemically enhanced. The over use of truffle oil in restaurants annoys me, while I love the flavor of most it, concerns me when chefs add a splash of truffle oil to everything and its usually low quality.

Truffle Oil Recipe : Chop a fresh truffle into pieces about the size of your little fingernail, dry on a paper towel, place in a bottle and fill with a good light olive oil or grape seed oil, add about 6 black peppercorns then seal the top of the bottle, best is a cork and then dip the top in melted wax. Store in a dark cool place for several weeks before using. Once opened keep the truffle oil bottle in the refrigerator.

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